13 Tips in Buying a Foldable Electric Scooter

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13 Tips in Buying a Foldable Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have gone a long way since the initial models in this category. Today, you can pick between lightweight units that focus on convenience but also powerful machines that can achieve admirable speeds. And there are models that focus on mobility. They are great for older users and those who have trouble moving.

A foldable electric scooter adds another layer to the convenience of using these products. The units are easy to pack and lightweight. It's simple to unfold when you want to use them, making these scooters the perfect transport method from point A to point B. If your intention is to buy this product, here are the tips to consider!


How to Choose a Foldable Electric Scooter

The first consideration is how you intend to use the scooter. Are you a young adult who plans on commuting to work with the device? Or are you an elderly person looking for a foldable mobility scooter? The features vary depending on your requirements. For example, you'd appreciate more wheels for added stability.

But regardless of the foldable scooter type, always go with a reputable brand. It will ensure you get a high-quality product that lasts for years. Check out these other tips when choosing your scooter!

1. Consider Your Budget

foldable electric scooter

    The initial thing is to determine your budget. Electric scooters aren't cheap, but they feature a long-term investment. Low-cost units that serve for commuting or kid-friendly models might cost under $500.

    But if you need a foldable mobility scooter, it'll require a higher budget. Depending on the unit, these could cost from $1,000 to over $5,000It's wise to set upper limits, but make sure the scooter has all the desired features.

    2. Aircraft Grade Aluminum Is an Excellent Choice for the Primary Material


    foldable scooter

      Aluminum is a lightweight material, making it a smart choice for foldable scooters. This metal ensures the vehicle won't be heavy, which secures easier transport. Each pound matters, especially when you are carrying it in your hands.

      The weight of larger mobility scooters is usually around 55-60 pounds. That excludes the battery, which adds extra weight. Premium manufacturers use aircraft-grade aluminum. It ensures maximum material durability and lifespan.

      3. Don't Forget the Quality of the Tires


      electric scooter foldable

        Most electric scooters come with rubber tires. However, it's imperative to ensure they are of solid quality. Thinner tires are a fine choice for children and lightweight scooters. But if you go for a mobility vehicle, look for solid front and rear options.

        You want tires that'll provide years of worry-free operation. The front tire should have at least 8", and the one in the back should be bigger. Go for a minimum of 9.5." A few extra tires are also welcome for stability.

        4. Total Scooter Weight Affects Portability

        lightweight travel scooter

          The previous tip discussed the tires. Many foldable scooters come with a few extra ones. These turn the product into a freewheel mode, so you can pull the unit around instead of carrying it. 

          While the overall weight affects portability, this feature makes heavier units more convenient. And it's not only hard to find a mobility scooter lighter than 60 pounds. But on the bright side, you get a durable and extremely functional unit that meets all your needs. And it takes minimum effort to move the scooter around if it has a free-wheel mode.

          5. No Assembly When Unfolding It Is a Convenient Touch

          foldable 4 wheel mobility scooter

            You don't want to detach and re-connect the parts each time. After a few occasions, that will become a great hassle. The solution is simple – you need a foldable electric scooter that comes without any assembling.

            Let's make things clear – the setup might require connecting some components. But once you finish the first-time installation, the scooter is ready to use. The folding mechanism should be easy to use. That ensures the entire packing and getting it ready to ride again only takes a few seconds.

            6. Compare the Sizes When Folded and Assembled

            mobility scooter Folded and Assembled

              You might encounter a lightweight travel scooter, but what if it's large? Even if it has a foldable mechanism, it doesn't mean that it'll save much space. It's best to compare dimensions in both situations.

              Larger mobility scooters might have a length and width of approximately 40x20 inches. Units that you ride standing are smaller. But regardless of the product you choose, it's important the foldability saves some inches. Once you pack the scooter, make sure you can store it in the designated location.

              7. How Fast Do You Want It to Go?


              Speedometer of Electric Scooters

                Some electric scooters can go as fast as 80mph! That's not the case with foldable units, which usually have lower speeds. But you can still find a scooter that'll allow you to cruise the city fast.

                Speed isn’t a critical factor in mobility scooters. Furthermore, the user might feel more at ease with limited velocity. That's why most vehicles can't go over 6-8mph, which lowers the total scooter's weight.

                8. Controlling the Scooter Should Be a Breeze

                mobility scooter Controls

                  Regardless of the scooter's type and purpose, you need a vehicle that's easy to control. That means you should feel comfortable with how to use the device's commands. It's mandatory for all control buttons to be within easy reach. That's why you usually find them on the front.

                  If you need even more control, consider a foldable 4 wheel mobility scooter. It maximizes the stability to ensure you feel in power while riding the device.

                  9. How Long Can You Go on a Single Battery Charge?


                   Mobility Scooter Battery Charge

                    It's necessary to recharge your electric scooter foldable unit regularly. But if you do that, you deserve not to think about whether you can reach the desired destination with a full battery. 

                    Most manufacturers will specify the maximum range in product descriptions. It indicates the mileage to pass with a single battery charge. Mobility scooters are often within 20 miles, while other units can endure up to 40. However, this depends on many factors. 

                    If you go uphill or your scooter has been on standby for several days, the maximum mileage can change. The best scooters will have battery indicators that ensure there are no nasty surprises while you are behind the wheel.

                    10. The Seat Should Be Roomy and Comfortable

                    mobility scooter seat

                      It's only necessary to consider if you plan for a scooter with a seat. These are usually mobility units, and the seat width should be around 18 inches. That'll ensure there's enough room to be comfortable. Top-quality material will also contribute to feeling good while using the vehicle. 

                      Some materials allow adjusting the height, but it might not be necessary. It's more important for mobility scooters to have a deck. It secures enough room to stretch your legs. If you have a bad knee or plan for a long drive, this could be essential for your comfort.

                      11. Do You Plan on Traveling by Plane with the Scooter?

                      Traveling by Plane with mobility Scooter

                        An electric scooter runs on a battery. These are sensitive components that airlines selectively allow on their flights. The Federal Aviation Administration has clear guidelines that batteries should meet. Some manufacturers design this component with that in mind.

                        Check if the battery has a certificate it's safe for airline travel. That'll ensure there won't be any problems with FAA during checks before the flights. As for traveling with your car, you shouldn't have any issues on borders regarding the vehicle.

                        12. It Helps to Have a Basket for Your Stuff

                        mobility scooter with storage

                          If you are heading to work, you might have a laptop in your bag. Perhaps there are other items you want to transport, and not only essentials that could fit in a pocket. And your precious things are much safer in a basket than in pockets. That's why it's convenient if your scooter comes with some storage options.

                          These are necessary for mobility vehicles. Many scooters come with a luxury basket include. It's big enough to accommodate your stuff while boosting the vehicle's appearance.

                          13. Don't Forget Bright LED Headlights and Other Safety Features

                          mobility scooter LED headlights

                            Safety is the primary consideration in traffic. That's especially true for scooters, particularly mobility units. Reliable electromagnetic brakes and commands are mandatory, but don't forget about other safety features:

                            These include:

                            • A bright headlight. Most manufacturers pick LED bulbs for better durability.

                            • Loud horn. It might be necessary to use in some situations, and you shouldn't hesitate to do so.

                            • Battery life indicator. It's convenient to ensure there’s enough power to reach the destination.

                            Finally, always keep your eyes on the road and focus on the ride. Although premium units are versatile, pay special attention on bumpy terrains and during bad weather.


                            Final Thoughts

                            Many scooters offer the convenience of folding nowadays, which is great. It means you have many models to choose from, and it should be easy to find the perfect unit. 

                            You won't go wrong by sticking to premium brands. For example, the Enhance Mobility Triaxe Scooter is famous if you need a durable four-wheel model. It's a top-quality vehicle that'll serve well for years. And you can order this foldable electric scooter online, which might even qualify you for a discount. So, don't hesitate to check the available offers and finalize the purchase today!