Meet Ewheels - Our Newest Mobility Scooter Partner

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Meet Ewheels - Our Newest Mobility Scooter Partner

Meet our newest Mobility Scooter Partner...

About EWheels Scooters

EWheels Medical is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of quality, Electric Powered Mobility Scooters and Medical Products that carry our patented Technology and are built according to our exacting standards that has made us the leader in American Mobility.

You can buy our products with confidence that we have put love and care into each and every component with your enjoyment and satisfaction in mind.

Our scooters and medical products are assembled here in America by our family of employees who care about every single detail that goes into the building of something that is meant to be durable, fun, comfortable, safe and above all beautiful.

We take pride in the time-honored tradition of American manufacturing and American quality. We believe in serving the customer and making a positive difference in the world.


Our EWheels scooters are designed to turn heads and not look like your average scooter. With our bright colors, trendy designs and speed, the EWheels scooters allow it’s drivers to feel empowered and in control while giving them the freedom to get where they need to go.  Whether you use our scooters as an alternative means of transportation or as a mobility scooter you will definitely be proud to own an EWheels scooter.


Dollar for dollar EWheels Scooters and offer great value for the consumer. Quality construction, top-rated performance and a wide variety of products to choose from, make EWheels products your best overall value.

Patented Technology

US and International Patents protect our unique Electric systems. These systems are the backbone of our scooters, powering these vehicles with efficient and environmentally friendly, high performance drive systems for recreation sport or transportation.


Out of the box, EWheels Scooters out-perform the competition! Superior acceleration, torque and handling characteristics are inherent in the design of all our vehicles when compared to other electric powered vehicles at a comparable price.

Built to Last

Every product we build is manufactured with highest quality components and built by highly skilled qualified labor. Combined our factories produce over a MILLION electric products each year. Our products are built to last!