About us

Pro Wheelchairs is a family owned business. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service and support for those seeking the freedom a wheelchair can offer.

Our family owns and operates several Residential Care Homes for the Elderly.  We use the wheelchairs and equipment we sell everyday with our residents, so we understand the importance of choosing the best equipment for the job.  Because we use our products everyday we are here to help answer all your questions and support you throughout the buying process.

We are located in California  but we can help you anywhere in the US. We have found the best way to deliver an economical wheelchair and fast customer service depends upon our ability to control our expenses. For that reason, we are an online only business. 

Our family has been working together on numerous businesses for many years. We will continue to offer more products to help our customers gain independence and freedom. Working together with customers like you, we expect Pro Wheelchairs to be a huge success for many years to come. Please reach out and say hello! We look forward to working for you.