SafePath BigHorn™ Ramps


SafePath BigHorn™ Ramps

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BigHorn™ Threshold Ramps

  • Includes molded flares and traction pads for safety
  • First patented 100% recycled lightweight plastic threshold ramp
  • Safest surface in threshold design, much safer than aluminum
  • Peel-and-stick tape for immediate installation
  • Perfect for wheelchairs, scooters and electric chairs
  • Can be vertically cut for height adjustment and notched to accommodate door jambs
  • Slope complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
 Product Features

BigHorn™ Ramps use advanced recycled composite technology offering the newest in safe, light-weight residential threshold transitions with heavy load capabilities.  Designed for superior slip-resistance, our StoneCap™ Coating technology incorporates ceramic coated quartz crystals, offering an enduring surface that is UV stable and guaranteed not to crack or fade.

BigHorn™ Ramps modify existing thresholds from 1 1/4″ up to 1 1/2” and offer slip-resistant protection and visual appeal.  This recycled plastic composite technology is unique in that it conforms to the substrate for modest crowns and slopes at the threshold, making this the only 100% recycled ramp that is extremely durable and self-molds to the front and base of the threshold.

Unlike metal or aluminum, BigHorn™ Ramps will not freeze or become slippery in wet or cold environments.  In addition, molded mitered ends provide a high quality finished product desirable enough for the most discerning homeowners.  Included at no charge is a complete set of peel-and-stick adhesive tape for immediate installation.

BigHorn™ Ramps are available in many attractive colors including Antique Bronze, Black, Brick Burgundy, California Sand, Dusted Cappuccino, Granite Grey, Nutmeg Brown, Silver Sand and Terra Cotta.

SafePath™ Products are all manufactured out of recycled materials and are all Made in the USA!!!

Installation Instructions 

SafePath Bighorn Ramp Catalog


SafePath™ Products warrants that BigHorn™ Transition Ramp Products substrate will be free of any defect of material or workmanship for a period of (10) ten years from the date of purchase. The warranty for the StoneCap™ surface using applied quartz with aliphatic UV-protected surface treatments is warranted for 1 year after the date of purchase from Van Duerr Industries, Inc., dba SafePath™ Products. No implied or express warranty of any kind for any SafePath™ Products unless installation is performed by a company authorized and certified by Van Duerr Industries, Inc.